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AMR seminar in the European Parliament

Ingo Walterscheid foran EU Parlamentet

Ingo Walterscheid (CEO, Wiking Meat Systems) in front of the EU Parliamentet

The Swedish Axfoundation, working to reduce the use of antibiotic, held a meeting on September 8, 2016 in the European Parliament. Ingo Walterscheid, CEO Wiking Meat System, attended among experts and operators, who discussed the problems of antibiotic resistance and how to reduce use of antibiotics in food production.
The meeting was organized with the Liberals, the Democrats group and the Centre Party, and is part of a high-level meeting in the European Parliament with the UN General Assembly as host.


With painstakingeffort, a group of Chicago hospitals has managed to cut by halfthe number of infections caused by an especially deadly type ofsuperbug. Now U.S. health officials want that kind of campaignto go national.

Source: REFILE-RPT-INSIGHT-Battling nightmare infections: US CDC’s plan to beat superbugs | Reuters